About Us


The Sudan Computer Emergency Response Team (Sudan CERT) is established by generous initiative of National Telecommunication Corporation, which serves as national ability charged to raising security awareness (Information Security and Networks) for companies, institutions and the whole national facilities that use Information and Communication Technology (ICTs), and Protect them from Cyber Attacks. Moreover, the Center acts as first responder to Information Security Incident, guides various parties on the methodology of protection to their Networks, and represents the advisory body to the citizens and companies in Information Security before and after cyber attacks, as well as traces the criminals of cyber attacks and hand them over for trial under existing laws

Mission and Vision

"Vision: "For Safe on-line community
Mission: To protect the citizen against the risk of Information and Communication Technology


  • Work as an early warning mechanism
  • Serve as a trusted focal point
  • Collecting statistical information on networks incident, and submit periodically report on threat
  • Assist in civic education training for Sudanese citizen’s awareness of the information security
  • Tracking, testing, and analysis threats reports
  • Provide supporting forensic services to law enforcement, include tracking and evidence gathering
  • Provide notification of vulnerabilities to constituents
  • Provide technical advisories in Networks Security
  • Support tracing intruder activity
  • Provide proactive services to help prepare and protect systems in anticipation of attacks, problems, or events
  • Risk Assessment
  • Monitor and Control Spam
  • Assist to protect critical infrastructure of Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Assist Constituents to protect their Networks
  • Help to implement Information Security and Confidentiality based on International Standardization (Ex. ISO 17799)
  • Provide best practices and experiences relative to field of Information Security