How can you protect your Child On-line? PDF Print E-mail

If you understand the Internet and understand what the risks are, there are a number of things you can do that will make your child safer on-line like:
•You have to intervene
o Communicate with your child about his experiences  
o Learn form him and don’t feel shy
o Discuss with him about his activities.
• Keep the computer in a common place
o It will limit his bad practices
o He will allow you to intervene in a right time
• Agree house rules about using the Internet- give attention to issues of privacy, and bullying
o Tell him about on-line risks and how to deal with
o Educate your children on on-line risks
• Create Users Account
o Make your child uses a particular account
o Limit his authority
• Check Safety & security of your personal computer
o    Update your firewall and anti-virus software
o    Don't set browser to remember your password.
• Set the parental Controls on
o PCs have built software and tools help to control your child use and protection like:  
- windows live family safety
- content advisory
o Check your child’s page on a regular basis by view History.
• Educate your family on Internet safety policy
• Improve their awareness in the Internet
• list for him specific sites to browse appropriate to his age.
• Teach your child not to be tempted by the advertisement and phantom awards
• Warned your Child against the risk of reveal personal information on the Internet
• let your child make a habit of not opening a message from unknown source.
• Warned your child neither eating nor doing homework when he uses Internet, such things make him addicted to the use of Internet and difficult to control him at later stage