Why Child On-line Protection? PDF Print E-mail

• By early 2009,there were over 1.5 billion people on-line, up from under 182 million at the beginning of 1998  

• More than 60% of Childs chat on Chat rooms daily،

• In European Union, 92% of parent say: they put roles to protect children
On the Internet, while 34% of children believe that they don't.

• In France, 72% of children use the Internet without the intervention of parents, in despite of 85% of parents know the programs for the protection and control of children on the Internet, but 30% apply it only.

• In Britain 72% of children between the ages 9 to 18 say: they are watching sexual images on internet, 46% say they are sharing personally information on Internet which it should not, and 33% of them say: they had been attempts to do things outside the internet.

• In Korea, 90% of households connected by semi-free broadband Internet connection, 30% of children (under 18 years) spend at lease two hours daily on Chat rooms.